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Thanks so much for wanting to get to know more about us.

Carole MacFadden, owner of Vancouver Gift BasketsWhile we celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2021,  I was reflecting on our About Us page and wanted to take it on different direction than is tradition.

2020 was our 29th year… should’ve been like so many before it. We don’t need to recap it here but as you know 2020 wasn’t anything like anything we had seen before but not just, for what you think.

I have always had a deep passion for my job, a real appreciation for what I do everyday, but 2020 renewed it and took it to an unimaginable level.

Last year, special events, holidays & most family gatherings were cancelled, postponed and/or reduced greatly in size. Businesses were forced to either close or pivot or both, brides were inconsolable over their cancelled weddings, family & friends with milestone events and special trips planned were devastated and everyone had to made alternate plans.

In the beginning, we didn’t know what to expect, what was going to happen, who was able to work, how would it all come together and why would anyone would want to send out gift baskets and gift boxes during these uncertain, unprecedented, horribly sad and bizarre times.

But the one constant through it all, was your desire to continue to send gifts. Connecting with each other this way became a vital outlet for your love, support, strength and encouragement to each other.

Many many days, I was moved to tears as mothers from across the country and the world order gifts to try to console the broken hearts of their baby girls on what would’ve been their wedding day,  business owners sending custom gifts of gratitude to their regular client base for their ongoing support during work shortages and great delays, businesses sending gift boxes to their employees while they make working from home the new norm, the kind and encouraging messages you sent to each other promising to make next years 51st birthday so spectacular that ‘it will make all 50th birthday celebrations dim in comparison’.

Through the monumental amounts of gifts you ordered from us; we were gratefully able to keep our doors open, employ staff full time through it all and continue to buy from existing and new suppliers both locally and across the country.  We discovered so many new small businesses creating yummy new items all year long and were thrilled to support them and see their dreams develop. On more than one occasion during the year, it was confided in me that our order ‘helped to pay the overhead this month’, that because of our order with a certain supplier, a young single mom was given hours that week that the business couldn’t afford prior, and that our regular monthly orders allowed one company to stay open as they were very close to closing their doors. This all made me push harder and do more and expect more from ourselves. And you, our regular & new clients alike, were right their by our side making it possible.

YOU DID THAT… your gift orders did that. Your desire to buy local and support small businesses all mattered and it still matters.

During the holidays, many many of our corporate clients made a point of asking us to source local suppliers. It was not uncommon to hear ‘gifts with local items only, please’, can we do this ‘with items from all the 3 regions in BC where our offices are located’, or can we include ‘BC bubbly in that please’.

I was honored and humbled to witness your kindness and generosity with each other first hand. I will forever be grateful for my front row view of your true nature on display daily.

YOU got me through this last year and that’s why this page About Us is just one more thing about Vancouver Gift Baskets that is actually all about YOU!!

Humbly gratefully yours,


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