‘Staying in Touch’ Custom Gift Requests

Request: Approximately 150 gift baskets for mid-December, for their not-for profit organization’s local chapter, which has members in the lower mainland, the Okanagan and Vancouver island. Hoping to keep under $50 per box incl shipping/tax. The more ‘local’ items we can source, the better.

Required items to include:

  1. An indigenous made face mask ( something like this)
  2. A Pen and some stationary (preferably locally sourced and unique)
  3. A 2022 small desktop calendar (client provided imagery & dates for us to design)
  4. A couple of messages, one showing the list of officers for the current period of the organization and the other thanking the sponsors
  5. A handwritten note thanking them for their membership and encouraging them to ’stay in touch until we can meet again’ (the theme is connected with the stationary and pen, as well as the face mask)



Calendar Packaging


Displayed here are a variety of the local Native Designed pieces we are able to source for your specialty gifts as well as the desktop calendar and an example of the soft, puffy envelope packaging we discussed already.

We could do 150 pcs of a Native Design All Cotton Custom Face Mask, Pen and Postcards also in an Indigenous Design/Artwork, 2 personal notes approx. 4.25 x 5.5, Desk Calendar 4×8 Flip Desk Calendar with custom photo spots and event additions (images and dates needed ASAP) plus design time, wrapped in our tissue placed in a puffy/bubble envelope for the rock bottom pricing of $52.50 🙂

For a slightly higher budget, we could provide a glossy gift box, tissue lined filled all your items, then placed in a shipping box and received by your membership for approx $73 (however that will need to be confirmed, once shipping locations are confirmed and then the shipping costs as well.

Truly looking forward to helping encourage your members to stay in touch with our custom gift packaging, so please reach out when you can to discuss.

I am happy to personally oversee all aspects of your gift order for a seamless process from gift proposal, concept and creation to gift shipping and local delivery.


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