The Limited – Vancouver edition


The Limited is a gifting series released once a year filled with our most favourite products from the huge selection of the products we use daily. Some will be long term favourites and some are recent delightful discoveries. Most gift boxes will be made up of locally produced foods from BC food-artisans, however, *The Limited gift box is 100% BC product.

Here is the fabulous ingredients included in *The Limited ...

Of course, it would not be a gift box of favourites if it didn’t include a few treats from Rogers Chocolates in Victoria BC  – and this year we have the ‘ooohh so yummy’ Toffee Cashew Almond NutCorn as well as the ‘always a box open on my desk’ Sea Salt Caramels, the incomparable ‘makes everything its under better’ Terra Breads Pecan Fruit Crispbreads, a jar of ‘must for very entertaining occasion’ Vista D’Oro Walnut Wine and Fig Preserve & Spread, the perfectly salted & gently roasted whole cashews from Maximillien, my little Instagram star on Int’l Chocolate Day – Denman Island CocoMilk Quinoa Chai Chocolate Bar, the delightful and sweet, no pun intended, local chocolatier and owner of Solasta Chocolate includes one of their decadent chocolate slabs,  the newest addition to the Gone Crackers family is actually a Cookie… or Kookie to be precise and here we have included their Cafe Dream & last but most certainly not least is from the nutty man himself at the Nut Merchant… hard to pick only one but we had to include their Maple Sriracha Pecans this year.

There you have it; your Limited lineup.

The Limited gift box will be a thrill to send as well as to receive

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