Self Care Gift Box with Wine & Candlelight


Who do you know that could use a time-out? Know someone who might appreciate a long luxurious hot bath at the end of a brutal day or week … or year?

Let them know you are on their side by sending our newest self care gift box filled with a  smooth bottle of wine (only VQAs finest), a locally crafted soya based scented candle with either Merlot, Chardonnay or Prosecco essential scents, K’pure Naturals Deep Breath Essential Oil Spray, Relax Bath Salts in our standard box, then add a few decadent treats to enjoy either before, after or during bath time.

Our large and deluxe boxes are filled with all the smoothing treasures in the standard size as well as Olive Oil Cracked Pepper Crackers, Smooth Spreadable Brie Cheese, Golden Apple Preserves, Godiva Ganache Chocolate, Lemon Butter Cookie Drops & more. Our Self Care Boxes create the feel of an oasis in the midst of everyday chaos.

They deserve it, don’t you think?

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