Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket


Choosing a gift basket for a friend’s birthday celebration or perhaps even to acknowledge a sad or mournful event should be easy, but diet restrictions and life style choices has made sending gift baskets alil’ challenging to certain people in our circle.

We are here to once again make it easy for you with our Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket. It is filled with healthy gluten free options as well as being unique and flavourful like all the other gift baskets and boxes on our website.

Whether you need to send a gift to someone with Celiac or someone that simply prefers to lean away from Gluten, please know this gift is the perfect choice.

This galvanized tub is filled with Blue Diamond Nut Thin “Crackers”, Artichoke Bruschetta, Greek Kalamata Olive Spread, Veggie Straw Crisps, HardBite Avocado and Lime Gourmet Potato Chips, Hippie Snack Coconut Clusters, Argentina Naturally Cured Salami, Made Good Banana Chocolate Granola Balls, Smoked Hickory Almonds,  Pazoot Salt and Pepper Peanuts, Naked Snack Wholesome Yogi Dried Fruit and Nut Mix, Fitzy’s Vegan Dark Chocolate Squares and Zazu Bean Hottie Dark Chocolate with a dash or Cinnamon and Cayenne.

Imagine receiving a gift basket for the first time and seeing that it was created especially for you with ONLY you in mind.

Create that feeling for someone special today.

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