Care Package for those Self-Isolating during Covid


Of all the occasions, we celebrate and acknowledge during any given year, who could’ve imagined we would be sending gifts to our friends and family to help keep their spirits up during this incredibly challenging time facing us all.

I know how frustrating and concerning it is being kept away from your loved ones as they are quarantine, you self-isolate and we ALL try to keep socially distant.

We designed this Care Package filled with yummy gourmet items to make a full pasta meal as well as tempt their tummies with treats like Chocolate Chunk Shortbread and Super-seed Coconut Clusters, snacks lie our 5 O’clock Zesty Snack Mix and Naked Snacks Yogi Mix , a Browned Butter and Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Bar and Roger’s Chocolates Milk and Dark Empress Squares and an old fashioned wooden game board and pieces for chess, checker and backgammon or a 300pc puzzle and even more snacks and goodness in the larger sizes.

Getting a care package of love from you will be good for their mind, body and soul; especially if you had a bottle of wine ;)!

Stay safe, sane and distant out there. We are here for you so you can be there for them; from a distance.

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