A Trip Around the World Beer Gift Bucket


Our #1 Selling Men’s Gift… every year but women really enjoy it too.

Sometimes the way to their heart is through their stomach while celebrating their love of suds & snacks. This gift basket will take them on a delicious int’l journey to a full satisfied tummy. It’s beautifully presented in a galvanized tub including 6 imported (or their favorite) beers and snacks from around the globe that may include zesty Tortilla Chips, rich zesty Salsa, Spicy Pretzels, Hickory Whole Almonds, Chocolates and more yummy snacks.

(The standard gift incl. 6 bottles and the large and deluxe incl. 12 beer bottles with the deluxe gift basket offering an impressive display of more TASTY TREATS)

*not available for shipping outside of Vancouver and its surrounding cities

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