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Wellness Gift Box

Request: Approximately 1400 employee gifts to celebrate Health and Wellness in a New Year.
Under $50 per gifts including shipping across the country

The last couple years have been trying for ALL, here’s a lovely way to let your staff, colleagues and work mates know they are appreciated as well as a little decadence to enjoy as we venture into a new year.

An all natural jute burlap gift bag filled with assorted TAZO tea bags, MADE GOOD Mini Granola Clusters, Godiva Individual Dark Chocolates, Locally-crafted SO Luxury Brand Bath Soak Cube (hydro allergic, non fragrance, non feminine), 4 Affirmation/ Empowering Pep Cards (similar to shown) and branded message hang tag.


Request: Approximately 1500 employee gifts for the end of October filled with Canadian indicative foods and treats with a family focused snacks or activity to celebrate Federal bid.
Approx $50 per gifts to be shipped to indiv. home  

A simple snacking gift box is no different than the 100s of other gift baskets is known for creating on a weekly basis – all are filled with a mix of local small batch produced gourmet treasures as well as imported foods  of only the best quality and created for the epicurean in all of us, even when most of us just want some chips, cookies & chocolate ;p

We are honoured to be assisting in the design of these ‘one of a kind’ gift boxes for this one of a kind event.

Our initial concept of ‘Going Coast to Coast’ with Canadiana treats from all regions of the country while supporting businesses and communities across our nation.

One of the 2 piece white glossy gift boxes  tied with red satin ribbon and a hang tag or postcard of the flag, or map of the country or similar to the one I had designed exclusively for you, shown below, allowing to have a message printed on the back.

I would love to order in some of the items and send over to you to sample amongst yourselves including Cheddar Pops from Cows Creamery in PEI, Salt Water Taffy from Cape Breton Fudge, Maple Shortbread from Ontario, Maple Syrup in Mini Maple Leaf Bottles or Maple Leaf Lollipops from Quebec, Moose Dropping from the Prairies (chocolate covered almonds), Pacific Salmon Jerky from BC and Native Design Cookie Cutter and Design Stencil Kits in the shape of an Orca Whale or Salmon.








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