GifTracker Volume Gifting Program

Custom Imprinted Ribbon

Established back in 1998, the GifTracker (GT) program is our #1 gifting system created to save clients both time & money while offering easy,  efficient and pretty effortless gift ordering processes. We have found our GifTracker program is most beneficial to Real Estates Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Notaries and Sales Managers.

We have 3 levels of gifting for your consideration.

At our Golden Level, you pre-purchase only 18 gift baskets at any price point desired but actually receive 20 GIFT BASKETS, that’s 2 (TWO) totally FREE… at ANY price point* you chose as well as the ability to adjust that price point ‘on the fly’ should you wish to increase the value for that very special client or occasion without any additional cost to you upfront.**

– without any time restriction or deadline for use of all 20 gift orders, order as you need them without any concern of a deadline. Review your monthly or quarterly sales reports. We can even email you monthly as a reminder, if necessary

Ribbon complimentary custom imprinted ribbon with your LOGO or branding of your choice (one bolt of 200yds valued at $97 and custom logo imprinting die plate valued at $169 with 3-4 weeks turnaround FOR FREE). Receive INSTANT recognition when you gift arrives. This works beautifully if sending your Thank you Gift Basket to a client’s office; everyone in that office will see the gift with your name and/or logo all over it in a very classy display. *** Or our new wooden logo’d hang tags are equally eye catching

– a dedicated exclusive email address for GT clients use only with ‘almost’ immediate response time.

top priority service for our GT client’s orders over ALL others – yep, even during the craze of the holidays

– deferred costs of delivery for all gift baskets until program is concluded (approx $600), not another cost to you until the end of the program*

– customized gift creations to maintain brand recognition, as required and requested. Feel free to use either the gifts you have come to know and love on our website or allow us the chance to create something custom for you.

– exclusive email order form custom created for you to use vs. placing an order through the site or even having to talk to anyone

-email prompt reminders IF YOU ELECT at months end to remind you to acknowledge referral givers either on or offline, buyers, sellers, or others

Once your price point* is established, I can forward you a more customized savings guide.

Our two other gifting levels are the Royal Level for 50 baskets (6 FREE) as well as a Presidential Level for 100 baskets (with 13 FREE) …including ALL benefits and features mentioned above.

Yes, I know it’s alot to take in at one time however, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can happily answer all your questions right away.

Let’s take client acknowledgement and gifting off your plate and make it effortless.

Happy Giving,

*Small print – gift program takes approx 6-8 weeks to commence due to the time required to have the printer’s die cast for the imprinting and is only available for gifts priced over $100

**any & all additional costs after the initial purchase INCLUDING SHIPPING or price adjustments for specific gifts are all deferred to the end of the program; AFTER your last gift has been sent.


Wooden Hang Tags***perhaps custom ribbon doesn’t work for your logo or gift design, we can also offer these stunning wooden hang tags with your logo or message on them or belly bands for gift boxes

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