Frequently Asked Questions about Vancouver Gift Baskets

After close to 3 DECADES of gift giving, there are definitely a few questions I answer repeatedly; so we have put a few of them together for your quick perusal but if your gift basket or gift giving question is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Here are a few of our common Frequently Asked Questions about our Vancouver Gift Basket Service-

What is the difference between standard, large and deluxe?

We try hard to include every single product item mentioned in the gift basket description however there are size differences in each of those product items as well as a variety choice in some of those items as well in each gift. Sampling sizes/portions are generally included in the standard gift baskets with larger or full size packages included in the large and deluxe gifts. An example of a product adjustment or variety in a standard gift basket that includes BC’s Smoked Salmon; in the standard size regular Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon is included, however in the large or deluxe versions of that same gift, we will include BC’s Smoked SOCKEYE Salmon and a larger size for the deluxe gift.

Can I include a handwritten message with my gift basket for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow in Surrey?

Absolutely! When going through our online cart or even over the phone, you will be asked to provide a message for a card which is then hand-written for you on one of our gift cards. Please remember to include your signature or name as well; for some reason, alot of people are forgetting that now a days

Is the gift basket to my Mom in Port Moody going to be hand delivered or shipped through FedExp or UPS?

All our gift boxes and baskets are carefully hand delivered throughout the Lower Mainland… from Whistler, West Vancouver and White Rock all the way through Vancouver and Burnaby to Cloverdale and Chilliwack … as well as every city in between. Nothing local goes out on a shipping box so the beautiful handtied bow and cellophane plume are front and center on arrival with one of our local courier companies. We do, however, box up and ship our gift baskets across the country and internationally through reputable carriers.

Can I have a discount on my large order?

Absolutely… we are delighted to offer great pricing on all orders and that’s why our regular prices are based on fair market value, however that is also why there isn’t alot of wiggle room on pricing especially on gifts including alcohol.
Also, don’t forget that everyone’s idea of a LARGE order is a bit different 🙂 Please let us know your thoughts, requirements, needs and date of delivery and we will be happy to see what we can do for you on the pricing because whether it’s one gift basket or 30, we are truly grateful for each and every order placed with us and we will do what we can.
Between January & September, don’t forget to inquire about our most popular discount program, GifTracker for FREE custom logo ribbon, FREE gift baskets and more!

Why does the GifTracker program have a deadline?

Great question… I know it seems odd however the cut off date to purchase a GifTracker program is September but it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the program.
The program was created for our largest gift giving clients and there is alot of work that we do behind the scenes for each & every GifTracker client including working with designers and printers to get their logo or branding set up to be imprinted on ribbon for FREE and the ribbon takes approx 4-6 weeks to be printed which includes the custom metal die needed. All this work for the FREE ribbon needs to be finalized well before the holiday season begins… plus if necessary, personalized and custom gift/gift boxes are created for these clients in specific price plans beyond our usual customization of gifts, dedicated email addresses are generated for expedited service and more; therefore we simply aren’t able to manage new GifTracker clients during the Holiday season, which as you know, is when I consider staying upright and putting one foot in front of the other is considered a SUCCESS on its own!! 🙂
However don’t forget that ALL of our annual GifTracker clients can in fact use their gift purchase throughout the holiday season, of course!! Its just the set and buy in to the program is only available January through September.

I understand you can make changes to the products included in my gift basket, but what if I want to ensure something specific is definitely in there?

We only make product or item adjustments when we are out of stock of certain items but if you choose a gift basket because of a specific or special item PLEASE PLEASE let us know. If your Dad loves cashews (like Nancy’s does) and that is why you chose that specific gift. But I can’t stress the importance of letting us know the importance of the the cashews ahead of time, because if we happen to run out of stock,  we will go out and buy them retail especially for you!! That’s how committed we are to your (and your Dad’s) satisfaction.

What is the benefit to “LIKING” your Facebook page?

The Facebook page is a great casual platform for us to share alot of everyday occurrences and moments. It is also a place where we occasionally post special links to gift baskets on SALE, specials and promos not posted on the blog or the site but exclusively on our Facebook page, and those seem like pretty good benefits to me, but we really hope you think so too and click the LIKE button

Carole, why do you have 2 email addresses, and

Well, that is very observant of you. LOL.
After re-branding the company in 2015, I excitedly started giving out my new email address. Very soon afterwards, I started to receive calls asking if I received their email or calls saying ‘we haven’t heard back from you’, when I realized they had the email address wrong , usually a simple typo. is just too long to hope that they spell it right so most of the time, now I just stick to as it’s short and sweet and most get it right, once I remind them there are no vowels in baskets.

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