You asked, I listened…

No Basket OptionsI have always been very open to listening to you, our clients & customers about your needs & suggestions. I love it when you suggest ways to improve the website & our services… keep them coming!

Recently I received a couple emails from new clients wondering “what we put their gift in if not a basket”, I thought they might be wishing for a gift box or other opinion for a container.  However our new website visitors were clicking on “Add basket opinions” and seeing choices like VQA Red or White Wines, Starbucks gift cards or even an imported cigar to add to their requested gift basket but also an option titled  “No basket option”… is this is where their confusion was. It was the verbiage that was causing the concern.

After hearing your concerns, I immediately got word to our site programmer to have him change the wording to “No Add-on item requested”. Hopefully making everything much clearer.

Thank you again for your suggestions and letting me know where any confusion or concern may be.

Carole Mac

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