When do you NEED my gift basket order?

Gift Offering a Gift Basket - VancouverGiftBaskets.comAs November quickly approaches, I receive an email with this question almost daily … and my answer is always the same “The sooner, the better”.
I know, I know, that’s not super helpful, is it? However truth be told, getting your order in is never too late; until it is.
Some years flow smoothly, some not so much.
And what hurts my heart deeply is saying “I am sorry, we can’t help this year” to a past client and friend, especially because you know how much I hate disappointing you.

Every year is so vastly different from the last, that even after 28 years I still get caught off guard sometimes (shockingly).

This year, ALOT of regular clients and new customized gift orderers are wanting their gifts to go the first week of December, most years it is around the 15th.
That’s new, but I am already warning our couriers that ‘It’s early this year’.

Last year, BIG BASH was the runaway best seller,  we could barely keep up and suppliers ran out of stock early. Years before, it was Trip Around the World with all the beers and Gourmet Vintner’s with the salmon, cheese and crackers so every year it’s a crap shoot for what to have in stock in large amounts, what product to have ready and waiting.

The good news is that I just need a rough idea right now… just the amounts and the gift you think you are most interested in. THAT’S IT!! We can solidify names, address, and exact numbers later on… but right now; for ordering stock, time management in production, staff scheduling, etc … the sooner, the better.

I don’t want to add any stress or work to your plate, my job is to remove all panic and anxiety around gift giving for you and I love being able to do that… so just a quick email saying ‘Yep we are in for this year, please hold our spot for about 25 of your Holiday Hampers’ and that’s it for now, but pleeeeeeeaaassseeee send that note NOW 🙂

Smiles of Gratitude,

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