Vancouver’s #1 Art Consultant

Small Business Saturday posts will be random small businesses and/or business owners I love, treasure, patronize regularly & really want to share them with you. 

Do you bare walls that are waiting for the perfect piece of artwork, either at work or home… then I know who you need to call.

Doris Anderson of D’or Art Consultancy, Vancouver’s #1 Art Consultant. She started her firm in 1989 and has been adorning hundreds walls of corporations, financial institutions, high tech companies, hospitals, seniors homes and private individuals since… including every office I have had as well as my personal home.
She is brilliant at what she does, she has a talent in bringing spaces alive with art …Canadian art and artists, yes but she has access to anything you desire and will come to your office or home as needed. Do you prefer black and white abstracts, floral realisms, still life on canvases or perhaps vintage archival shots of your Vancouver location in the 40s? Her years of experience and genuine passion for helping you set a mood and create a scene through the artwork on your walls will soon have ‘your walls telling your story’.

Doris Anderson, D’or Art can be reached at 604.732.7533, by email at and visit their website at

Vancity Offices by D'or Art

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