Valentine’s is for business people too

As a sales representative/ manager or even small business owner, we are always looking for an occasion to acknowledge our clients (or for an excuse to get in front of them).

Valentine’s Day offers you such an unexpected occasion to show your client and customers that you care.

It’s a fun, light-hearted holiday occasion, without being one that creates alot of extra work and pressure on most businesses as Christmas does (unless your client owns a flower or gift basket shop) so it’s a great time of year to re-engage with clients you haven’t heard from in awhile, stop by their office for a quick coffee break and gift drop off or simply, send something to the ones you want to SHOWER with some love.

The following are a few suggestions on how you can use celebrate Valentine’s Day (or anytime) in your business with your clients:

– Write a handwritten note to give Thanks
As mentioned in my Thanksgiving suggestion post, the time, energy and deliberateness put into a handwritten note doesn’t go unnoticed. Do it with real, ink-on-paper, hand-written words.
How many times have you personally received a handwritten card from one of your solution providers or vendors that was really genuine – not an email or just a quick scribble of thanks and illegible signature?
It probably went a long ways in continuing to build and develop your relationship. Take the time to thank your customers for their business and let them know how valuable they are to you or your business. Valentine’s Day is a fun time of year to do it!
– Listen to them and their needs.
By listening to what customers are saying about you in surveys, on social media, Yelp, or anywhere else they give feedback, shows how valuable you feel their opinion is. Valuing your clients and showing them how much goes along way. Publish survey results and answers to customer questions in your e-mail newsletter or blog. Adapt to your policies or practices to their feedback. Create a sense of community around your business based on an open dialogue with your clients and customers. Show them how much they are loved & appreciated.
During this week of LOVE, send them a link to a change you have made on your website, in the company policies or the like because of their specific feedback and thank them for it.
-Listen for their personal cues to acknowledge things happening in their personal lives and show you care, as well… for example, did your favourite client just have an addition to the family (perhaps a sweet new niece like mine above…wink wink) send them a beautiful photo frame with a note saying you know how much their niece or grandchild means to them and Congratulations. Personal touches mean alot.

– Show them some love online
Highlight clients and their businesses on your social media feed i.e. #FollowFriday on Twitter, share some of their images on Instagram or do a in-depth showcase on them for your blog. By introducing them to a whole new group of people and perhaps new customers is a great way to show them love during Valentine’s week.

– Send them a gift saying “We LOVE working with you”
While a gift basket is always ideal; a basket filled with chocolate items to be shared through the office will be appreciated or a Movie Lovers assortment including gourmet popcorn, licorice and Cineplex gift cards is fun too for an individual. Just because it’s Valentine’s day; not everything has to be all sappy and shared with lovers only.

-Also don’t forget to look within your own business with vouchers for FREE Shipping, deep discounts… everyone LOVES discounts!

Fostering deeper and more authentic relationships speak to the deeper meaning of Valentine’s day. Celebrate at home this year, for sure but also at work too in unexpected ways.

The world can always use a few more people spreading more love and appreciation.

Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE that you are here 🙂
Carole Mac

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