Unique gift giving ideas

RebeccaCooper BlogEver felt stuck giving the same type of gifts year after year? If you are thinking of something new for friends and loved ones that evokes curiosity, outdoor play, learning etc, then please visit my friend Rebecca Cooper’s blog. She has created a great blog post about ‘Thinking beyond Toys’ this holiday season. It is definitely worth a read.

Is your shortbread legendary? Do your spiced nut mix disappear first thing at every party? I love giving gifts from my kitchen. This year, after much research, I discovered that BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Now I bake them all the time, just to give them out, and the holidays are a great excuse to do this. If you enjoy sharing your homemade treasures as gifts over the holidays, try this site if you are looking to add another recipe to your repertoire.

glitz wrappingNow what do we do with your yummy morsels of holiday goodness? You know you can’t just hand the recipient the jar by itself and on its own, right? It’s needs some festive wrapping to resemble a gift. This site has many fun wrapping suggestions and if that isn’t enough for more easy creative…  even some glitz & glam wrapping jobs, check out this site. 

Let me know if you use any of these suggestions and how they work out.

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