Unable to have a Holiday Party this year, how can we help?

Many companies are already considering what their holiday celebrations might look like under coronavirus restrictions this year.  And many of those companies have decided against a seasonal party but are still looking for a new way to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the year with their valued employees.

As we move full steam ahead towards the festive season, a physical Christmas party in 2020 is currently looking unlikely. Businesses are therefore increasingly looking at virtual Christmas parties as alternatives, and with good reason.

Since large gatherings have been poo-poo’d for the foreseeable future, and going virtual for work and play has become our weird new norm. So much so, that we all are learning to embrace video-chat platforms like Zoom has grown from 10 million to over 200 million daily users and now instead of cancelling employees’ much-deserved Christmas celebrations after what’s been an incredibly trying year (to say the least), its only logical that employers embrace the festivities in the same way we embraced team meetings, fitness classes and pub quizzes all year: virtually.

Here are some fun virtual alternatives to a traditional Christmas party for 2020’s fast approaching holiday season.

1. Conference Call Drinks

Happy Hour Wine Gift BoxOpening the doors of a virtual pub for lots of laughs and plenty of drinks is an easy but effective way for everyone to let their hair down. Simply fire up your favourite video-calling software, round up your employees in their respective homes, and prepare yourself a drink or two. It’s a great way to get everyone chatting away, and if you’re concerned about your resident chatterboxes dominating the conversation, feel free to add in activities like popular drinking games, Canada’s favourite online games and roundtable talking points.

Here’s a great gift idea to send to everyone to enjoy during the game play: Our Virtual Happy Hour Gift Box 

2. Online Secret Santa

Choose our Golden Cheer Wine Gift Box from Vancouver Gift BasketsAfter the year we’ve had, we all deserve at least one present at our work Christmas party 2020, wouldn’t you agree? So why not, use an online Secret Santa tool like Draw Names to randomly match gift givers to receivers.

All you need to do is enter your employees’ names and send them invitations via email, WhatsApp or Messenger. Once they click the email, they’ll be assigned their person to buy for. Specify a strict deadline to allow plenty of time for everyone to buy, wrap, send and receive their presents. You should also set a reasonable budget that won’t break the bank for anyone. Then watch in wonder (or horror) as each person takes it in turn to unwrap their presents live on your video call. Just because things are a little different this year, doesn’t mean that super fun tradition has to be broken!
Here’s a great gift idea for that colleague that loves her wine: Our Golden Cheer Wine Gift Box at $69.95

3. Video Call Karaoke

Do you consider your team a rowdy bunch, unafraid of having an uncontrollably good time, even if it means suffering from mild embarrassment? If answered ‘yes’, you’ll love virtual karaoke.

There are two easy ways you can do this. Get onto YouTube and find a karaoke or lyrics version of your chosen song. Or, use online software like Lucky Voice, which will act as your very own karaoke machine. Beware, however, the novelty can quickly wear off when sat in front of a computer screen with all eyes on you. So keep it short, snappy and exciting by only singing the first verse and chorus. Then move onto the next performer. You might not discover the next Taylor Swift, but you’re guaranteed to have a few belly laughs!

4. Smartphone Pub Quiz

You’re probably very familiar with virtual quizzes. Every man, woman and dog hosted some type of quiz during the first few months of the quarantine. After all, what else were we supposed to do? Actually speak to the people we live with?! Did you know that there are smartphone quizzes. Using your mobile phone to answer questions instead of old-fashioned pen and paper creates a wildly different quiz night. SpeedQuizzing is a fabulous app.

Not only does it create an exciting, fast-paced and very competitive experience, it also stops people from Googling the answers. It works in real time alongside any video chat platform. Also, it calculates scores automatically and instantly generates leaderboards, so you don’t have to. It’s a 21st century take on a classic British pastime!

5. Host a virtual party with one of our Charcuterie Gift Boxes

Holiday BoardWe are all planning to entertain smaller groups or intimate gatherings this holiday season… why not help your employees do it in style?

Our hugely popular Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Gift Box gets a holiday remake with an exquisite organically shaped Solid Olive Wood Cutting board that tops off a festive gift box filled Garlic & Herb Flat Bread Crackers, Pumpkin Seed Crisps, Tartufo Black Truffle Naturally Cured Salami, Smooth Danish Brie Cheese, Black Fig & AllSpice Preserve Spread, Okanagan’s own Veggie Caviar with Small Clear Serving Bowls, Naked Snacks Dried Fruit & Nut Mix, Vancouver’s Fume eh! Smoked Olive Jar, Buttery Pumpkin Drop Cookies and much more.

Stand out in the crowd of gift baskets this season with this gorgeous gift box arrangement!

Hosting a Christmas party in 2020 isn’t going to be all about glitz & glam at a big venue with a fancy meal. It’s gonna be more intimate, more face to face (to screen) and more personal while we all keep a safe distance. But with some creative planning and one or more of these virtual alternative ideas, you can still put together a party your employees will love & remember!

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