Throwback Thursday… to 1991

Let’s go waaayyyyy back to my very first business card.

My First Business Card They were printed by a company called KeeperKard and photographed by the owner Jeff.  He ran the company out of his house and asked me to bring some baskets over where he set up this little scene and took the photo used for the card.

There are a few humorous clues to indicate the timeline in our history… no logo, no email or website, no fax number, no address and not even an area code with the phone number. (remember, it was 1991). So much has changed… we have since added and removed fax numbers from our cards and including everything else above, we also have our own TOLL FREE number …lol.

I must say once I received my photo business cards in my hot little hands, I have to be honest… I really thought I was super fancy… oohh to be young again.

Do you still have your very first card? I would love to see!! Does it go back as far as mine 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac

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