The Holidays are here!

Ever year without fail, I am shocked when the holidays arrive, do you feel the same? Even though we all complain about the wrapping paper and glowing lights on display at Costco in August, the holidays still seem to creep up on us way too quickly.

If you are amazed that Christmas is only 6 weeks away as well and are suddenly feeling alil overwhelmed, we may have a few things to help get you back on track and organized.

Over the next month or so, I will be posting different gift ideas for difficult to buy for age groups and demographics as well as gift wrapping solutions and ideas.

I am a big list maker, how about you? I feel better and less scattered when I have a list made of things to do, create, buy, mail and ship. Our dear friend and brilliant graphic designer Jill Bartlett created the following Christmas Card and Master Gift List Printables to help you stay more on track, organized and stress-free in, at least, these areas for the upcoming Christmas season.

Free Holiday Card List from vancouverGiftBaskets.comClick on the Holiday Printables here – Holiday CardList  and/or VancGiftBaskets_MasterGiftList, please feel free to print them and fill out or save and use the online version.

Let me know what else we can do to help you enjoy the magic, joy and spirit of the season vs the stress, pressure and overwhelm of the holidays.

Thank you for stopping by,

Carole Mac


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