Thanksgiving made alil’ easier

There are so many facets of this amazing holiday; but with each component comes its own pressure.


My goal with this post is to offer some resources to relieve some of the pressures and put the focus of the day (weekend) where it should be… being surrounded by, if not, physically then mentally/emotionally, by the people you are most thankful for… and what you have right now; and not whether or not, your gravy is alil lumpy 🙂

Kristen at YellowBlissRoad has a great blog post on planning for a smooth day/meal with lots of tips and tricks, an actual planner to download as well as some cute printables and recipes.


Also over at CraftaholicsAnonymous, she also has an adorable printable from MintedStrawberry for your wall as well as your utensils … very fun for a large crowd and great way to keep them organized.


And these ones are perfect for those special people in your life that may not be coming for dinner but people you still want to know how grateful you are for them.

Then my default resource for entertaining, gifting, and home decor… just about everything is RealSimple magazine 


For DollarStore Decor – this site is alil difficult to navigate because of her ads etc but a fun read for reasonable seasonal decor, highlighted by the links in photo boxes. Love the candles in clear vases and corn kernels… so easy and so inexpensive.


So much focus is on the table on Thanksgiving… here are some tips for creating your own centerpiece.

I truly hope one or all of these sites offer alil or alot of help on this special holiday.

I give THANKS for you everyday, Happy Thanksgiving!

Carole Mac

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