Testimonial Tuesday on Regular Gift Basket Giving

When your clients say kind and supportive things about you and your life’s work, it truly makes you happy that they are happy… but when they are generous enough to take the time and energy to send you those thoughts in an email or note card;
t can truly make your heart sing from the inside.

Testimonial Tuesday for Gift Basket GivingWhen new clients are happy with our service, I am thrilled but when our longtime clients are still delighted… well, that is the best feeling ever!!

I got this note recently from a very special longtime client and very special lady.



Hi Carole and THANK YOU for delivering an exceptional product! My brother-in-law just called thanking us for the basket. I REALLY appreciate being able to rely on you and everything you do!!! My Dad said to me, “you know that Carole’s baskets ALWAYS look and are so good!”    So THANK YOU, again, Carole. 



 I hope someone expresses their joy or simply thanks you today for doing your job the best way you can, and letting you know that you made a difference.

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac

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