Testimonial Tuesday on Gift Basket Customizing

Testimonial Tuesday on Gift Basket CustomizationWhen your clients say kind and supportive things about you and your life’s work, it truly makes you happy that they are happy… but when they are generous enough to take the time and energy to send you those thoughts in an email or note card; it can truly make your heart sing from the inside.


Recently, we were contacted by a client wishing to purchase a gift basket for a family member; however she knew he would greatly appreciate the gift and thought even more if it included a very specific bottle of red wine. It was, however, only available at the Signature Liquor Store at 39th & Cambie St… Ok I thought… I am heading on a road trip.

After designing the gift basket and having it couriered to her cousin in North Vancouver, this is what she said the following day…

Oh Carole, thank you so much for all you’ve done.  This is super and so much appreciated.  You are an amazing tribute to what good customer service is all about and I will sing your praises to anyone I know in Vancouver~


I hope someone expresses their joy or simply thanks you today for doing your job the best way you can, and letting you know that you made a difference.

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac


  1. My Daughter sent a gift basket to me here in Surrey She is in Calgary and I must say you did a terrific job. I can tell you guys enjoy your job pleasing people You sure made my birthday happier and I will make sure my Daughter knows. What a nice biz you have

    • Don – I am SSOOOO happy to hear that you enjoyed… or maybe still enjoying your birthday gift basket!! Thank you so much for sharing your kind words here; people like you and your daughter make our jobs super easy and a pure joy.
      Big Smiles of Thanks,
      Carole Mac

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