Testimonial Tuesday – BEST GIFT EVER

When your clients say kind and supportive things about you and your life’s work, it truly makes you happy that they are happy… but when they are generous enough to take the time and energy to send you those thoughts in an email or note card;
t can truly make your heart sing from the inside.



Gift Basket Testimonial

I got an awesome testimonial just yesterday and had to share. While speaking to a new client on the phone yesterday, she mentioned …without any prompting from me… ‘By the way, he called Friday to tell me that it was the best birthday he had ever gotten’.

I know that is what we are going for with every single gift basket we create but when someone using those exact words, it truly makes your day!!

Thanks for stopping by and I truly hope someone shares their excitement about your work with you as well today.

Best, Carole Mac

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