Special Gifting Moments

I hope to dedicate Mondays to special or unique Gifting Moments.
Not your typical gift giving occasions or events and highlight a unique gift.
I hope you enjoy these little looks behind the scenes. 

A few months ago, I received an incredible call from a very special lady. She was recently the very lucky recipient of a life saving kidney transplant. Sadly no one in her family was a match and were able to donate to her but after abit of a wait, she was informed that they did find a match and her surgery was a SUCCESS. Now she is home resting and in recovery.

So even though that is ALL awesome and exciting news, at the same time as testing her family; her brother ‘signed up'(lack of official term) for the Pay it Forward Transplant program (as discussed in this CBC article first one done in 2009). Something people can do when their loved one is in need & hopefully will be receiving an incredible gift of life from a stranger… you too can do that for someone else.

Well… her brother GOT THE CALL… he was a perfect match and was needed for an emergency transplant surgery in Vancouver so they are needing to MedEvac him immediately.

So this is where we come in… his sister called me late one afternoon to explain the situation and order a special gift for this incredibly kind and generous man plus give me the lowdown on EVERYTHING she wanted included :). If you have never been Medical Evacuated, let me tell you the situation. They simply grab and go!! There is no time for ‘let me grab my purse’, ‘let me go home and pack a bag’… nothing. Grab n Go!

Thinking of you, Brother Gift Basket at VGHThe ‘gift basket’ we prepared for this guy was not only massive; it was jammed packed with everything we thought someone you was recently grabbed at work and dropped at a hospital might need. We prepped the whole thing in a sports/gym type bag and included his favourite beer ( for afterwards) and all his favourite munchies (because hospital food is… well you know), included new socks, underwear/boxers, pajama bottoms and sweat pants,  his favourite magazines and toiletries incl lotions, AXE body spray;) (for the nurses, I guess), toothbrush & paste and more.

Is it the prettiest gift we have ever done… nope, not even a little but WOW does it have the most heart, love, compassion and generosity behind… ABSOLUTELY.

So grateful they called us and we were able to be part of this amazing story and now I am delighted to be able to share it with you.


Smiles, Carole

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