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Vancouver Gift Baskets TwitterProfileLaunched both our new Twitter and Instagram accounts (VancGiftBaskets) without any fanfare this week since I am still trying to keep everything low key until the official rebranding launch in Sept.

While I have been using Instagram personally for abit, and yes, I was late to the party since there was no Instagram app for Blackberry and I only became an iPhone user this past December, I envision the VancGiftBaskets instagram and twitter accounts to be filled with images of baskets as they are being designed, trials of their journeys and naturally snippets of my (our) everyday.

To keep things consistent, I created this new Twitter account but keeping my previous one of BsktCaseCarole remaining live and I will simply feed the new VGB tweets to it.  (Naturally I didn’t realize that I could simply request a name change to the current account… duh! Oh well, live and learn) 🙂

I will even be launching a business FaceBook page for the company soon, and as with most of our social media outlets, this will be a casual and fun place to get updates BUT… with one BIG exception, if you LIKE our FaceBook page you will get the occasional secret link to gift baskets that are on sale and not advertised elsewhere. These could be a brand new design or one of your longtime favourites.

Please follow us on your favourite platform and of course, I am delighted to follow you back!

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac

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