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Vancouver Holiday GiftBasketsIt’s been a busy few weeks in our warehouse and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone allowing us to share in the joy of the season with their professional colleagues, friends and family through our gift baskets.

I am reminded daily what a joy my job truly is.

I need to apologize to our blog readers for the lack of updates and new information. Keeping up with a blog posts, the instagram feed, our Facebook page etc has been alot trickier during the holiday then even I anticipated… I can assure you, we will more prepared in all the coming years. (Social media really is a full time job…lol).

At this time though, I would like to give you a seasonal update on deliveries, order taking, shipments etc.

All deliveries scheduled to date have gone as requested.

All gift baskets ordered to date and requested for shipping overseas or back east to the Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba have all gone.

Currently the earliest we are able to have baskets delivered locally in the Greater Vancouver area is Friday Dec 18th.

**Please note: we are not accepting deliveries on Christmas Eve this year**

Should you have some specific needs/requirements, please don’t hesitate to call the office to discuss. I am always delighted to help when we can.

ALSO – a quick  FYI and Basket Byte … when sending gift baskets to an entire office or company.

It is my experience over the last 24 years, that when gift baskets arrive (especially during the holidays) addressed generically to the office or company, they are quickly placed in the staff break or lunch room for all to consume but once opened, the greeting card with your sentiment and message is lost with the packaging and no one is the wiser as to whom the gift is from.

Please always consider addressing your gift basket to your representative, client, head of the department or colleague personally; then ‘and the entire staff, team or group at’. This way, we can ensure the gift will arrive on their desk, they will personally read your card, acknowledge it’s from you …ideally, call or send a note to say Thank you… and then take it to the lunch room for all to enjoy.


MartinisforOne Gift BasketNow back to bows and baskets for me as well as perhaps indulging in one of my own creations later tonight… wink wink

Stay safe out there; those mall parking lots can be treacherous,

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac


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