Do you have sausage fingers? It’s ok, I do…

Sausage Fingers writing a message on a Vancouver gift basket!Typos are on the rise, that’s for sure! And it isn’t a secret that I don’t always proof read everything (read: almost anything) I publish or post. I just rush too much and don’t take the time needed to review and I apologize for them all, but really appreciate you putting up with them (and me).
I feel like I am in good company nowadays especially when reviewing the messages left for us to write out on the greeting cards attached to each gift basket.

We were in the midst of preparing a client’s gift basket today when I started to write out the card… there were more than a few typos so I started correcting them as I was going. I had a really good idea of what she was trying to say so I simply carried on.

Within one hour though, I received a call from the client, stating that she ‘may’ have had the odd typo in her message because this morning she had ‘sausage fingers’. I had never heard that expression before but I loved it!!

We are all rushing so much, trying to cram too many things into each moment and our brains are moving and thinking faster than our little fingers can type and then you add ‘auto correct’ on our phones & ipads into the mix and well,  it appears that we all have a small case of ‘sausage fingers’ regularly.

I just wanted to let you know that we have you covered. We will still try to correct as much as we can when we see errors if they are obvious but sometimes the odd one might get through when I think you are making a personal joke or jab.

I once again I apologize for my many years of ‘sausage fingers’.




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