Nutcracker Custom Holiday Gift Basket

I love everything about the Holidays and Christmas like so many others, but can I share alil’ known fact, I have never been a fan of Nutcrackers… they have always freaked me out, their weird little mustaches, moving mouths, beady eyes, etc. LOL

Custom Holiday Nutcracker Gift Basket from Vancouver Gift BasketsSo when my client from a Law Firm in downtown Vancouver called saying they needed a Nutcracker themed holiday gift basket for an internal office raffle: I gulped, threw my big girl panties on and created this large overflowing gift hamper loaded with many different types & versions of Nutcrackers… but you know what, I kinda like it ( still not a huge fan of them… but kinda like this, the Russian Vodka may have helped) 😉

What do you tolerate during the Holidays that everyone else seems to love ?

For me, it’s Nutcrackers and Eggnog, for sure… don’t get me going on Egg Nog. LOL

Weird, right ?!?!

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