New Website launched; yippee

We recently launched our new website, did you notice?

Many have and we have received some lovely notes and kind words of praise. I have always said YOU are my mostest favourite people in the history of EVER!! Thank you.

It was interesting becasue quite a few asked why… why we did it; which as a business owner is always perplexing. To make it better for YOU, of course, I said each time. But then I started to think, if my treasured clients didn’t think it desperately needed upgrading and a full revamp then why did I go through the torture that I did to get it done.

Sometimes, I think I do things within the company just to keep it fresh and current and then sometimes, I do things just becasue it is so badly needed. The website fell into both categories, for sure.

Culinary Dreams Vancouver Gift BasketsWe have revamped the visuals and the look of the site but also added some features to make your shopping experience smoother and easier to navigate through. A variety of extra touches were added as well, again to make the purchasing easier and more simplistic for YOU. Technology changes so fast nowadays and has changed so much even in the last couple years since our last ‘remodel’ and the backstage HTML coding was starting to show its age.. and that’s not good for anyone :).

While all our gift baskets have always been loaded with the freshest, most current, on trend & yummiest morsels around, many of the images or photos of our baskets were old and stale and needed a facelift so you had a better or more accurate idea of what you were sending out to your clients or family & friends.

We are still in BETA mode with the website, but whether it’s today or ANY DAY in the future, if you feel the site is missing something, needs a tweak or even a thought… ‘wow , it would be cool if it could…’, please pop me a note and I will see if it’s possible. I truly want it to be the best for YOU but can only do that if I know what you want… so SHARE your opinions with me.  The good and the not so good – feel free to share.

A couple notable features are:

  • #1 – each gift now gets its own order ID thereby it’s own follow through. It was tricky when multiple gift baskets were placed on one order but had different shipping dates. It was hard when it came to notifying you that the order was completed. Now you will receive an Order Completed email the morning after the gift was received for each & every gift basket order.
  • #2 – larger images. I have always been very proud of each gift basket design we sent out on your behalf but we were very lacking in the photo dept, but we are changing that… daily now. Our new images will be on the site, on our blog, our instagram feed… everywhere
  • #3 – we are optimized for ALL your mobile devices. Our previous site was mobile ‘friendly’ but not optimized for a small screen  – not 100% sure of the difference but optimized is better than friendly, apparently. I never thought people would take the time to input personal info, ship to addresses, message cards etc on their phone or tablets but my stats tell me differently so it was really important, the site was designed to help you navigate through the cart easily on your mobile units.

One sad note to mention is that your previous login info with not work on the new site. I had hoped to integrate the 2 databases but, again, they are writing in different coding languages and are not compatible, apparently. I am so sorry about that but do hope the new sign in process is super easy.

A few common questions have been answered over on the FAQ page as well, if you are wondering about it… maybe the answer is there.

I do honestly hope you like the new site, let me know your thoughts.



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