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While I don’t consider myself a chef, cook or even really all that domestic; I was always told that you are a lot more proficient in the kitchen if you buy the best knife you can and always keep it sharp. So I do…

knife_sharpeningI have always gotten my knives sharpened professionally and now annually, even have my scissors for work sharpened at Quality Saw and Knife in Vancouver, because these guys are the real deal, know their stuff and are the best in the business.

They are regular guys excelling at what they do and have been doing it forever… or so! You will not be disappointed!

However, if you are like me, you may feel like a fish out of water while waiting in line with the big industrial men getting their ‘real’ equipment and tools to be worked on but never, ever, not once, have the men working there made me feel like I didn’t belong with my artsy fartsy scissors and few kitchen knives. they are true professionals and always happy to help.

Sizzle_groomingWhile nothing I own is particularly high-end; my Mother is another story. She brings her fancy dog grooming scissors, that she pays an arm and a leg for, out with her everytime she visits Vancouver to get them sharpened at Quality Saw and Knife. She is a Samoyed dog breeder back east and grooms and shows her American and Canadian Champions around the country. Needless to say, they need to be impeccable.

So as the saying goes, if you are good enough for my Mom, you are more than good enough for me! …is that a saying or did I just make that up??!! lol

Check them out at :

Quality Saw and Knives
2005 Quebec St,
Vancouver BC

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