Vancouver’s #1 Cupcake

Small Business Saturday posts will be random small businesses and/or business owners I love, treasure, patronize regularly & really want to share them with you.
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In Vancouver, the cupcake market is pretty saturated so luckily we have a lot to choose from including TV personality bakeries as well as small mom ‘n dad shops following old family recipes. Yes, it is tough job finding Vancouver’s #1 cupcake.

And as with all Small Business Saturday posts, this is simply my opinion… I feel Vancouver’s #1 Cupcake isn’t even in Vancouver… what??? shocking I know. But it’s in Richmond (Steveston to be exact). Is your mind blown??!!?? lol

Bell's BakeshopAs mentioned previously, yes, there are alot of good cupcakes in the city incl the Cupcakes Girls… their red velvet is good, Butter’s Baked Goods Coconut Cupcake is really yummy and even those bizarre Candied Chipotle Chocolate dipped Bacon ManCakes located down on Robson are all equally yummy when they are fresh. Unfortunately some bakeries seem to think that because cupcakes are iced, they can sit in a cooler longer than they actually can (news flash people… cupcakes go stale… quite stale) In this soapbox moment, I am not referring to ManCakes here, theirs are always fresh… but are just always alil too weird for me.

So freshness, all round taste, the cute lil frosting swirl and great customer service is why I am sure you will fall in love with Bell’s Bake Shop in Steveston. They carry all the basic flavours you expect when shopping for cupcakes as well as  a few seasonal surprises to spice things up. (and yes, gluten free and vegan options)

Bell’s retro shop offers a few of each flavour daily and if they run out then … well, then that sucks for you. I have been on the end of that a few times and yes, it does truly suck! However if they do, shockingly, have cupcakes left at the end of the day, they donate them all to Richmond’s Family Place. Jen, the owner, also has a strong belief in supporting local businesses anyway they can including getting all the eggs from an organic egg farm in Richmond.

Bells-Bake-ShopIf you happen to be on an adventure to Richmond and Steveston anytime soon and looking for a sweet yummy treat, I highly recommend stopping by Bell’s then let me know which ones you tried. My nephew and I really enjoy the cookies n cream but when on my own I also get the coconut and of course, a red velvet!

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac


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