Making sick kids smile

Gift Basket for Vancouver Children's HospitalWhile we all have a huge soft spot for sick children, my heart broke last month when I got the call about an 8yr old at Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital with a brain tumor. Friends of his parents and his little best friend from Kelowna wanted to do something incredible for Connor, so they called us and I was thrilled to make it my mission to make him smile.
I have a very special 8 yr old in my life (my treasured nephew) so I instantly knew what type of gift basket I wanted to design to help make this special little man feel better and take his mind off what was going on.
I spent a few hours running around town between Toys R Us (for Lego, Transformers, Stuffies etc…), Chapters (for Minecraft Books), London Drugs (for Pokemon cards) and other places collecting everything needed to prepare a spectacular Get Well gift basket with all his favourite toys and activities.
(SIDE NOTE: Hospital deliveries can be tricky. Although most restrict balloon deliveries, they are usually only referring to latex balloons, mylar ones are fine and always welcome by the young recipients. This gift was topped with 3 huge balloons)
Sadly sometimes even adults get sick or hurt and need to be admitted to the hospital as well. Last week, we had a fishing enthusiast get admitted to Vancouver General Hospital so naturally our Fishing Hole gift basket was the perfect option to help him feel better. Then this week, we got a call about a poor lady that broke her leg on her birthday and was being admitted to Surrey Memorial Hospital, we recommended our Birthday Bonanza gift basket because hospital food is NOT a good substitution for birthday cake.
Whether you have Get Well wishes for a pint size or full size patient, we have the perfect gift basket for them or can easily create something custom to let them know you are wishing them a Speedy Recovery.
Thanks for checking in,
Carole Mac

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