Knight in Shining Armour Gift Basket

Ever have one of thooosse days?

Things seem to go sideways from the moment I got up today… Starbucks beverage was made wrong, got cut off while leaving the parking lot – hit my brakes hard causing my Chai tea to spill all over my console and then later on, I had an important meeting to get to and of course, couldn’t find my keys when I needed to leave…uugghh, I am gonna be late and I start to panic BUT THEN when frantically searching the office for my keys, I miraculously found an Apple Store gift card that I misplaced over 6 mos ago.

And all of a sudden, I forgot about my meeting and was overjoyed about how I was going to spend my new found wealth. Yippee!!

It’s amazing how quickly a small, silly doze of joy can change your whole outlook.

Gift Basket for a Knight in Shining Armour from Vancouver Gift BasketsThen I received a call from a new client in a weird spot… her car stalled while leaving her underground parkade & had blocked the entrance and exit for her neighbors.
She was desperate to move her car and horribly embarrassed that she was preventing people getting out of the building and onto work, school and their lives. I guess people got really angry with her; even though she called a tow trunk right away.
But there was one guy, a neighbor she had never met… although late for work, he stuck up for her when others were getting really mad and many were getting belligerent. Apparently he was a bit of a white knight during this horrible situation.
After an hour of horror, BCAA showed up to save her from what was described as the worst day of her life but what also created a chance encounter with a handsome guy who had lived down the hall from her for the last year.

No matter how crapping a situation seems, remember the Universe is always working FOR YOU and not against you.
Look for the silver lining and what ‘little gem’ is in it for you. There is always one.
(she ordered our Fit for a King gift basket for him to say thanks to her Knight in Shining Armour and to give him an excuse to call …so cute, I hope it works)


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