He just wants us to say ‘Thank you’

We are all inundated with media and information but every now and then, an article crosses your path; not only worth reading but worth sharing.

This is today’s from the Huffington Post. I love his story and the power of what he is trying to do. I am a HUGE proponent to gratitude and thus a HUGE proponent to Jose’s mission. He is trying to get the whole world to say Thank you. Give it a read…

WorldWide Gratitude

What would happen if we decided to create a global chain of gratitude?

A new initiative out of Spain, called 100Thanks, aims to build this chain with the power of the Internet. Its motto is “100 things learned are 100 things for which to be thankful.” Its objective is to spread the spirit of thankfulness around the world.

 I hope you were inspired as I was to say Thank you across the globe, across the room or simply across your coffee mug this morning.

Enjoy your weekend,

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