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With Halloween being on Saturday this year, the party invites are flying fast and furious. One trend I have noticed is that more parties are on Friday evening, so people can be home with their kids on Saturday to do the trick or treating… hhmmm maybe that’s a sign of the age bracket I am in now, more than a trend.

Aussie Chardonnay FullGlass Wine SkullsI have put together a few tips and tricks for you if you are attending a party this week and are unsure what to bring as a Hostess Gift. No matter the occasion or event, good gift giving etiquette i.e. taking a gift to someone’s home when you are invited is always important, even if you are arriving in costume.

Here in Vancouver, the BC Liquor Stores (as well as your own local branch, I assume) have brought in a bunch of fun festive beverages for the ghostliest of holidays this weekend.
Naturally when you are looking at labels like these, quality is not the first thing on your mind but who knows maybe you will be pleasantly surprised and any host/hostess would be delighted to add them to their scary decor for the party.

They have a great selection of beer, cider or wine seasonal options that would be the perfect Hostess Gift for any party you are attending this weekend.


BooStrawberriesBut what if you were asked to bring a dish? Well, this may not be the time to go with the basic chips and dip or your infamous potato salad but perhaps trying something alil bit more seasonal.

These white chocolate dipped strawberries would be a huge hit… goes with the theme but still ssooooo yummy.  After all, wasting food is never encouraged around here 🙂

Traditionally one of my favourite for the season is the Mummified Dogs on this site as well as her other classics like the gummy worms on chocolate pudding with oreo crumbs, the cheese fingers, the guacamole coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth and the Yeti cupcakes.  All time favourites for sure!

dracula-denturesDracula’s Dentures were at a party I went to last year and thought they were adorable and original. Alil hard to eat… but it’s a chocolate chip cookie so I had to try.

However if you really want to take it to the side of gross, sick, disgusting and even alil insulting then our friends at BuzzFeed naturally have you covered… but don’t say you weren’t warned.

But what if you don’t have the time or desire to bring a food type item, and were thinking more of an activity instead. Naturally #1 on your list needs to be pumpkin carving… and there are a ton of options for you.

Go to Michael’s and buy a few plastic hollow ones that you can carve up a storm without any mess… but you know as well as I do, without the gross mess and those amazing seeds, it’s not really pumpkin carving now is it.

minionpumpkintutorialcraftberrybushYou also don’t need to arrive with ginormous  pumpkins for everyone, even if you get some of the small ones for people to play, have a few of those useless craving kits or if kids aren’t around some real tools as well as some design suggestions and templates here or from the amazing minds at BetterHomes&Gardens.com . You will be set.

I have become a huge Minion fan this year so this will be mine . I can’t wait and yep, I will be adding the crow and of course doing the seeds. Sometimes I think I only crave a pumpkin for the seeds.



Creepy Goodie BagsOr are you hosting a party and want to send everyone home with a little gift. I am not saying it won’t happen, but if you send everyone home with their own little stash of candy… maybe…just maybe they will be less likely to raid their kids buckets.
Ok, you and I both know that is not gonna happen, but Julian I tried for you, bud!!

(this site also has a ton of kid friendly Halloween food and fun ideas. I love the pizza, ghostly hot cocoa and donut ideas)

I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. Good luck to all the trick or treaters and their parents waiting patiently, or not so patiently at home for them to arrive with the loot.
Honestly, I didn’t know I was ever given Double Bubble bubble gum in my halloween sack until I was in my teens… somehow overnight there always disappeared when I was younger.

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac


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