Gratitude for a magical Holiday Season

As we near the end of December and the official gift giving season…even though we have a lot of gift baskets going out this week as well as the first week of January, I want to take a moment, catch my breath and say Thank you!! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your overwhelming support through this past season and year. What a joy this last season was and what an incredible year!

It was a delight daily to reconnect with previous holiday clients and have real time to chat with you, catch-up about this past year and discuss any new specifics or special requirements you had for this holiday season.  I never usually have that kind of time so I really treasured it this year.

Then it was also fun getting to know quite a few news clients with all their own unique requests and needs as well as letting them know what we can do for them, how we can help and what they can continue to expect from us. It is always wonderful to get great feedback from new clients that have been let down elsewhere. We are thrilled to have you and take great care of you going forward.

We did a lot of late nights and super early morning shifts…3am anyone?…just so we could have that one on one time during reg business hours so I am thrilled how it turned out. (Anyone suggest a great under eye, dark circle cream?.☺️)

So thank you again and I truly wish you all the best for 2016,

Big  Smiles, Carole


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