Goodbye Cookie Monster

Ooooh it’s a sad day here at, today is officially the last day we will be offering our freshly baked cookie gift boxes.

I loved offering our clients the options of these amazing cookies and being abit of a cookie connoisseur, I still think they are the best cookies in Vancouver.

Best Cookies in VancouverHaving a yummy alternative to a gift basket at a reasonable price point was super important to be able to offer my clients but as with so many things out of my control, prices have continued to climb and we have continued to absorb those extra costs (they have gone up 50% since we started carrying them in 2004) and their hours of operation have become tricky to navigate as well.  I truly love the cookies and the owner of the bakery as well… both equally amazing.

But, after much thought, it’s time to say goodbye to another longtime staple on our gift basket site. I am sure some of you will be upset, but because I would always get an extra one or two cookies when visiting the commercial kitchen… no one will be more upset than I (and my hips).

Please know I will be trying hard to find another bakery and/or delicious alternative. If you have any ideas or favourites, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to sacrifice my hips for the cause and do a few taste testings…

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac

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