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Personalized Creations

Personalized Creations and will always be the umbrella over all we do but as of Sept 2nd 2015, we are officially doing business as Although it is very exciting and invigorating to start something new and to reinvent yourself (sort of),  it needs to be stated that I am alil sad and nervous to be giving up a brand and name that I have been committed to for 2.5 decades… believe me, I haven’t been committed to anything that long, so this has been a bit bittersweet. 

Reason for the change?? Well as we approach our 25th year of business, I felt it was time for a shake up; it’s as simple as that… nothing profound or earth-shattering An entire rebranding and launching of the new site with the addition of this blog is where I ended up and naturally hope to stay for at least another 25 years. 

In February of this year, I noticed I owned the URL VancouverGiftBasket (singular) .com and was shocked I never did anything with it. Do you remember ‘back in the day’ when we were all buying domains because that was the thing to do; so truth be told, I own a few. Although I was tickled to find this little gem already in my possession, I knew VancouverGiftBasketS (plural) .com would be better… so I waited until it came up for renewal, and plotted and planned and waited and waited..then pounced the second I could. I am not sure who had it previously, but I am delighted they let it lapse and didn’t see the value I do.

I hope you like the redesign. I put alot of thought into the colour scheme, and even more into the million versions of the new logo (although I had some brilliant direction and advice) as well as the few adjustments to the whole website that bugged me from the beginning.

As always though, our (my) commitment is 100% with you, so if there is anything you need to make your experience here even better, never hesitate for a second to let me know, and I will ask the tech gods if its possible.

My goal and dream for the blog is simple; that you will use it as a resource for all things but for general gifting info as well. It will be a handy spot to keep all our info, posts, updates, links, ideas, suggestions and babble in one convenient location.

Perhaps you are curious if anyone else has asked about delivering a gorgeous gift basket to Whistler or anywhere else on the Sea to Sky corridor, or you are curious about some of our latest designs, were looking for some gifting tips and suggestions for wedding anniversaries or wondering what happens behind the scenes while your gift baskets are being created… well, I foresee the blog being an ideal spot to keep all that info together while being easy to browse through.

I hope you feel the same and enjoy the posts, suggest others and as always let me know your thoughts, 

Thank you for your continued support,

Carole Mac

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