Employee Recognition Gifts during a Global Pandemic

Trying to keep employee spirits up while they work from home and remain flexible with new expectations and protocols is a challenge and our clients have been looking to us for help navigate the current landscape.

Client Meeting Gift Box from Vancouver Gift BasketsFrom a simple wellness gift boxes with some herbal tea & cookies, candles, hand sani, a couple masks & more reminds your people that their wellness is #1 to you & the company or to a complete Virtual Happy Hour box for employees that miss Friday afternoon get together’s, here are a few creative ideas we’ve designed for our clients employees to help them remain productive, upbeat but, above all, safe… at a distance.

Needing to schedule a marathon meeting to iron details about your 3rd quarter, then perhaps a gift filled with refreshing snacks, energy fueled treats, Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos, dried fruits & nuts, and even fidget spinners for those less than enthusiastic speakers and more is great idea.

Some big events like conferences, conventions, summer parties and incentives trips have been cancelled or postponed, what can we all do to maintain a positive energy around our virtual workplaces.

Most importantly, create & maintain an emotional connection with your employees and your company by supporting them during this time and by acknowledging all their hard work & accomplishments in the last few months while they continue to juggle so much.

How can you make your people feel valued, respected & cherished now more than ever before?




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