Delivery Update & Cart Closure

Horrible NewsSadly we were just informed by our courier company, after of almost 10yrs together, that they are not able to keep up with the volume of our deliveries and everything scheduled to go Thursday and Friday (15th & 16th) will need to go next week ‘sometime’.

Therefore, I am so sorry to say that we need to close the site and our doors 10 full days before Christmas, which usually includes our 3 biggest online days of the year. My heart hurts over the lose of business we will have deal with.

I am so very proud of our team… everyone has worked so very hard to keep up and ensure everything that was promised for Thursday/Friday is sitting ready right now to be picked up, but there is little else we can do.

I will try to find another service but can not promise anything and do NOT want to disappoint YOU by over promising.

Terribly sorry if you delayed placing your order and are now left disappointed. This was NOT part of my grand plan for this season.

Again, I am terribly sorry,

Carole Mac


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