Connections with Local Makers, Creators and Artisans

BC's Native Pleasures Gift Basket from Vancouver Gift BasketsThere are a lot of things I knew I’d love about my job as a gift basket designer, but since starting the business over 28 years ago, it has fulfilled me in many ways I didn’t expect like the relationships and connections I have formed with many artisans, creators and makers whose products we carry and work with daily.

The talented native artist, Morgan Green from Price Rupert, designed the bamboo bowl pictured here and is the foundation of our BC Native Pleasures Gift Basket.

This stunning piece is filled with locally crafted Maple Bacon Potato Chips, Smoked Wild Pink Salmon, Parmesan Rosemary Flatbreads, Local Preserves & Spreads, assorted Roger’s Chocolates from Vancouver Island and more.

Curious; what unexpected perks have you found in your job?

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