College/University Care Packages that say ‘We’ll miss you’

College Care PackagesSend a little love from home letting your college bound children know you don’t stop caring, loving or missing them for even a second while they are away studying AND that it is only an urban myth that you can make good tomato soup with hot water and ketchup packets.

Here are some other reasons and messages you may want to get across to your students living on campus and/or away from home; ‘I believe in you and know you got this’, ‘Focus on Finals; not the Fridge’ or ‘Here is some SH*T you forgot, and are too cheap to buy’

Being so close to 2 of the best and largest Universities in BC, both UBC and SFU, we receive many requests to prepare gift boxes of treats, treasures and well-wishes from family members and friends from across the globe for students living here far from home… we are also happy to add gift cards for local grocery stores, movie theatres, and yes, even the liquor store should that be appropriate.

Here are a couple popular care packages for students living in Vancouver and local areas:

College Care PackageBasicsJust the Basic Ma’am – pictured on left – perfect package to get them through their first couple weeks days on campus including the mac and cheese of champions KD, a couple packages of Ramen Noodles, Granola Bits, Oreo Cookie Bites, Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter, 6 cans of Coca-Cola, All Natural Potato Chips, one sample packet of Advil and Palmolive Dish Soap Starting at $72.95
(this gift is the only one officially offered on our website under our Custom Creations; however all custom orders are available by simply contacting the office)

For that Cramming Health Nut …cramming for Finals doesn’t mean eat all the Ramen Noodles and Chocolate you can. If your student is more health conscious then this care package is the one for him/her with organic Chips and Salsa, granola bites/bars, natural fruit juice berries, almond nut mix, green tea bags, etc. Starting at $67.95

GetWell 101 …it’s hard being away from your kids when they are healthy and having fun; but nearly impossibly difficult when they are under the weather and in need of some TLC. This gift box will never replace ‘a kiss from Mom to make it all better’ but is a close second. We include Chicken Noodle Soup, Vit C/ Emerg C Remedy, Throat Lozenges, Crosswords Puzzles, Fuzzy Socks, Advil, Kleenex and more Starting at $69.95

SH*T you forgot and are to cheap to pay for… this is where you send them alil bit of anything and everything you know they didn’t remember to take like Qtips and are way too cheap to buy or justify on their own like Fabric Softener or Sheets. We also include Band-aids, Salad Dressing, Post-its, REAL cutlery (one shouldn’t have to use plastic after the age of 19), a couple pairs of clean socks and much more Starting at $72.95

Freshman Essentials – yes, they will remember their iPad, phone, pen and maybe some paper but what about EVERYTHING else. A dry eraser board and pens, pencils and a sharpener, an extra flash drive, a ruler, highlighters, Post-its, etc. Sometimes the essentials are the easiest to forget. Starting at $59.95

Add-ons options: Home in a Box… favourite grocery store brands for a taste of home where ONLY Dads Oatmeal Cookies would do, or where the scent of Tide is the only smell of clean clothes they know, as well if time allows – feel free to forward us a couple digital family photographs that we can have printed locally and include in the any of your care packages …option of an additional $18.95 and up

We focus on offering quality care packages, gifts and essentials for all the students in your life and are delighted to show your support and encouragement to students at any stage of their educational career through our care packages and your heartfelt words that accompany each and every one of our gifts. Most of our Vancouver care package are packaged in large gift boxes and are delivered from our Vancouver BC location.

Delivery of College Care Packages to the UBC campus in Vancouver BC is $11.95 and the SFU campus in Burnaby BC is $14.95 and we are always happy to ship a gift box out of town as well.

Looking for the Best Times To Send Care Packages to a Student in Vancouver:

  • Start of school year or soon after each semester begins
  • Before/after final exams
  • After winning an award (financial scholarship or educational award — like honor roll; dean’s list)
  • Before a big game (for all athletes)
  • After being selected for a fraternity/sorority or some group/club
  • Before any holiday (especially if they aren’t able to come home to celebrate)

Please call the office directly to discuss your specific needs and your students desires, we are always delighted to help,

Thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac


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