Client Gift Giving During Covid

Have you been wondering how to maintain client relations during this period of social distancing, quarantining and isolating? Well, then you aren’t alone, many of our clients are thinking the same way.

Summer Custom Gift by Vancouver Gift BasketsI know, it has been repeated to the point where its almost annoying,but we are in uncertain and unprecedented times, therefore it calls for unprecedented action around many aspects of our lives including some business norms. How do we let our clients, top-drawer customers and most valued people know how much they mean?

Let’s look at what a couple of our clients came up with:

This regular client wanted to acknowledge some of their ‘top drawer customers’ for their ongoing support and consistent business during the last few challenging months with a bright coloured summer themed gift filled with happy, silly seasonal fun including a flamingo watering can, gardening gloves, sunscreen, sun glasses, bubbles, water guns, coloured milk bottles with straws and  all-naturals fruit + botanical cordials and tons more. It was apparently very well received 🙂

Covid Cleaning Gift Basket by Vancouver Gift Basket for Vancouver RealtorOne of our realtor clients wanted to create a beautiful but practical housewarming gift centered around natural cleaning products, rich thick tea towels as well as some of gourmet treats including cracked pepper flat-breads, zesty preserves, buttery chocolate chip shortbread & more.
With everyone’s concern about keeping their homes spotless, more than ever now, Meyer’s Lemon Verbana products are ideal.


Limited travel plans have even effected client gifting this year. One of our international clients ran a contest last year with the winners being rewarded with an ‘all expense’ paid trip to Vancouver & Whistler this summer. Sadly the trips needed to be postponed but they still wanted to send them a little piece of Vancouver now. We gift-boxed native design blankets as well as a native bamboo bento filled with local decadent truffles.

Native Fleece Blanket Client Gift from Vancouver Gift Baskets Connecting with clients, staying top of mind with your referral givers and most importantly, reminding everyone that they are on your mind during these uncertain times in crucial nowadays. Any gesture of acknowledgement right now is appreciated and we are always here to help.


BUT don’t forget the real VIPs in our company; your employees and how they have adapted, bended, molded and changed their everyday… remind them how much they are valued & missed. See our post here for a few lil ideas 🙂




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