My Chocolate have gone white – Is it safe?

Truffles starting to bloom

These yummy truffles are starting to bloom

Every now & then, esp in the summer, we receive a call or two from recipients telling us that the chocolates they received have a greyish white coating. I am always horrified but tell they to rest assured… it’s NOT mold and completely fine… it has simply fallen out of temper (usually because of the heat)  and bloomed just like the truffles, pictured here.

What the heck does that mean? Well, here is the answer from the professionals in great detail 🙂

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, a white film on chocolate does not mean that the chocolate is moldy. What it does mean is that the chocolate has suffered something called “bloom”. There are two types of bloom. Sugar bloom occurs when moisture comes in contact with the chocolate. Chocolate that you eat typically contains sugar. Sugar is made up of crystals. In eating chocolate, the sugar crystals are usually fine enough that you cannot see them or feel them on your tongue. Moisture that comes into contact with chocolate will dissolve these sugar crystals on the surface of the chocolate, but as the moisture dries or evaporates, the dissolved sugar re-crystallizes and is precipitated onto the surface of the chocolate, leaving that white, dusty look.

Bloomed Chocolate Chips

Fat bloom is more complicated and may be caused by a combination of factors. These include improper storage conditions, changes in temperature, or poor tempering (or lack of tempering altogether). When chocolate is afflicted with fat bloom, it may have a powdery white-gray or tan appearance and be soft or crumbly in texture, which is the harshest version.
Think of the Chipits or chocolate chips in your cupboard that you haven’t seen since last fall or so… lots of temp changes in your kitchen through the year I would imagine.

Bloom is a constant concern for chocolate-makers and chocolatiers, especially those who ship their products. (P.S. like us, in warm couriers cars and vans!!)

One thing to note: chocolate that has turned white from bloom is not harmful to your health at all!

Hope that helps, and no, those truffle didn’t get wasted Tami & I both enjoyed them completely.



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