Can you customize a gift basket?

Can you customize a gift basket? I get asked this question almost daily and my answer is always the same “Absolutely we do!” My curiosity is always immediately peaked and I wonder what we will do doing and WHY.
Well, today’s gift share is for a very special WHY and my heart melted right away because the gift was going to be for a sweet & loving couple, living up the coast from Vancouver BC, are adopting a 10yr old boy! A 10yr old BOY – that is not a story you here very often and I am thrilled to celebrate this incredible event.
The new dad’s workplace (our client) wanted something really fun and special for this unique occasion so I suggested some toys and games the family can enjoy together like a Porsche and a Ferrari Lego sets (I can picture Dad (or Mom) and son making the sets up then racing them around), Monopoly’s FortNite version (because what 10yr isn’t obsessed with FortNite right now, and Mom & Dad probably need to look cool by knowing what it is :)) as well as some traditional movie treats like Twizzlers, Milk Dads & Orville Micro Popcorn and Cineplex gift cards.
I love my job most days but days like this make it feel extra-spectacular. It’s such a honour to be part of such an incredible time for this family and to know that the gift we designed is going to help create some memorable times for them all.
What a thrill!!
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