Can I sub out?

Abundant Appreciation VancouverGiftBaskets.comA few times a week we get emails or calls from our clients wishing to substitute something in or out of one of our original gift basket designs and the answer is always the same

Out gift baskets listed online are not pre made or ‘carved in stone’ so to speak, everything is created on an individual basis so if you are sending a gift to someone that loves dark chocolate vs milk, we will make that substitution for you, do you want to include your new favourite wine, we are happy to go out and get it for you or would you prefer to send a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and truffle vs Dom Perignon we will absolutely make the switch for you … and adjust the price accordingly :).

At, we believe that each gift being designed and then received should be created for ONLY that one recipient in mind and we are delighted to do whatever we can to make each gift as individual as its recipient is.

Remember, never be afraid to ask, we are always delighted to help.

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