Branded Items in your Gift are Fabulous

Postcards by VGB

Curious if we can add company paraphernalia or literature to your gift baskets? The answer is always YES.

Whether your branded information goes on the outside for a dramatic & impactful arrival or is tucked inside of your gift to grab their attention more subtly, we are thrilled to help come up with concept and, of course, execution.

We can also thrilled to work with you to design something special, unique & original for your gifts… whether that be custom hang tags like for Blume Global and their Virtual

UBC Gift Boxes by

Cocktail Hour gift bags or these stunning Native Design cards for UBC for an online conference this fall. Leave no doubt in their mind who this gift is from.

During the holidays, we have had fun creating custom greeting cards for a local law firm to include in their gift baskets as well as ornamental hang tags for custom corporate gifts and gift boxes like PNI Media’s below, but the yummiest branded inclusion are logo’d cookies (ours below is from our special friends at Martha’s Delectable Shortbread on Vancouver Island). Look at how Naikoon’s pops and add such impact in their holiday gift baskets.

We are always delighted to work with you, your messaging and branding for any project we do together.

Pop us a note today,

Corporate Cookie with Vancouver Gift Baskets Native Boxes & POstcards by Vancouver Gift BasketsEA Sports Launch Gift Box by

Corporate Gift Boxes by Vancouver Gift Baskets

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