Bad Mother’s Day gift Ideas

Not sure why, but after speaking to friends with kids after Mother’s Day every year- I feel this blog post is a public service announcement more than anything…

Gifts NOT to get Mom this weekend for Mother’s Day  – each suggestion has a caveat though – –

MomsDayCard1. Do not send her a handmade card unless you are under 10 or an ‘self proclaimed’ artist. I say self proclaimed vs accredited artist becasue I still hand make my Mother’s cards most years and when I don’t have the time to complete one I hear she is disappointed. So if you take card making seriously or have some serious skill, please craft away and make her swoon. But remember scribbling “Happy Mother’s Day’ and some weird dooble on a scrap piece of paper does NOT a Mother’s Day card make.

2. A photo of yourself or family. While you and I both know she would LOVE a new portrait of the family, but that is NOT a Mother’s day gift. That is a just becasue ‘we had these shots done and really want you to have a copy’ sent anytime of the year to her; caveat here is unless you get the image transferred to a large coffee mug, got the image framed properly or put on canvas and now it is an art piece, then it is now a gift. You took the extra step to do something extra special and thoughtful just for her makes it a special Mother’s Day gift.

3. Tickets to an Event or Concert YOU really want to see. Your Mother should be the only one that benefits from your gift, she should be the only one considered when gift buying for her. The only caveat here is that if you present her with 2 tickets to an event or concert, you need to wait for her to invite you along with her or be totally ok if she chooses to take a close friend or her husband/boyfriend whatever instead. Again the gift is for her.

4. Give her some weird lame IOU slip of paper like you give your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day… for a hug whenever you want or for a movie out together when you can’t come up with a real gift; unless it’s for a day at the Spa of her choosing and it’s not a real Gift Card because you weren’t sure of her favourite spa or an IOU to get her car detailed becasue she always complains how messy it is

5. NOTHING.  Oh for the Love of God, she raised you at minimum and suffered hours of labour with you at most… do NOT show up or send NOTHING to your Mom, Mother, Mother in Law or Woman that tended to your care as a child.

As always, just my 2 bits.

My MomHugs to all Mothers including the special ones in my life and one recently lost.

Lots of Love,thanks for stopping by,

Carole Mac

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