An X-Files full circle moment

Ever have one of those moments that feel like either deja vous or you are being PUNK’D … well, I had one recently and it was a HUGE knock upside the head and pat on the back at the same time.

gillian-anderson-dana-scullyThe beautiful and talented actress, Gillian Anderson and the whole X-Files gang are back in Vancouver filming an X-Files mini series and it also happening to be her birthday this weekend.

We got a call on Thursday from LA to put together a pampering basket for her and while I said ‘Sure, happy to…’ I quickly had a deja-vous moment recalling another basket that we did for her ‘recently’. Now honestly, I was convinced that the last gift we did for her was fairly recently… I mean I still have the picture of it on the website… it’s called Pampered Petals (it has since been removed…obviously)

The reason I know this, is because I remember purposely putting it on the site, not with her name attached or anything weird but when I created the design originally, I thought it was beautiful (at the time), took a picture, thought it was ‘site worthy’ and was quite proud that ‘Agent Dana Scully’ was about to receive and ideally, enjoy it.
Gillian_Anderson_VancouverBirthdayBasketImagine my horror when I found out that The X-Files the series wrapped filming in 2002!!! 2002!!! I have a basket on my site with a photo that is 13 years old. OhMiHeavens, say it isn’t so…gulp! This was the HUGE knock upside the head I referred to earlier.

A 13 year old design is still on my website… how horrific. (It also quickly made me reevaluate A LOT more designs and how old the images are.)

But then I quickly recovered with a reminder of the reason behind the new website and big shake up online. Originally, Pampered Petals wasn’t on the chopping block because it is so popular but it was quickly added to the list and a new updated version with be added soon.

The image above is the one we prepared for her this weekend and it was lovely. I had the privilege of discovering an amazing new small business while designing this gift and originally found her products on Instagram… can you believe it? Now I am looking for more designs to put her bath soak in. Amanda and her company have a huge future in front of her. Check it out! 

The gift basket also included a gorgeous velour bath robe, floral arrangement, locally shea butter lip balms, chocolate truffles, herbal teabags and a large candle.


Did you ever watch The X-Files? I did, and always enjoyed it… except for the super creepy episodes. PLUS I always try to watch shows filmed in Vancouver, I feel like I am supporting the film industry /community in my own little way.
(Currently loving Proof and of course, Arrow and Once Upon a Time)

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts,






  1. I Ԁo not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was ɡood.
    I ɗon’t know wԝho you аre Ƅut cеrtainly you’re going to a fаmous blogger
    if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  2. Absolutely love this new remodel or redesign !! Love the city scape, archives, categories sections, customer feedbacks, the humor… GIRL you did a amazing upgrade, very impressed..

    I have an idea for you, when we receive new students, they do come in and ask for city maps, and bus schedules, as well as basic cooking supplies, like frypan, bowl, plate,metal cutlery, mug and cuttting knife.
    Maybe this could be added to your great basket order ??


    Carol #4945

    • Aaaahhhh my dear friend you are a gift. Thank you so much for your unconditional support, it means so very much to me!!
      Thank you for our talks…as well as your brilliant suggestions. I love them ALL… just brilliant!!
      Big Hugs, Carole

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