Amazed at what a difference a yr makes.

Celebration Vancouver Gift BasketsWOW I can not believe it has already been a year since we rebranded to and what an incredible year it has been.

When you have had the same job for 26 years, I can imagine for most it could get stale. Not for me and not here.

My job is different every single day and even when I think I have heard about every occasion or reason to sent a gift, a bunch of new ones pop up like last year’s kidney donor and Pay it Forward Hero or the mom from Ontario that wanted to say Good Luck to her daughter who is marrying a man she has known for 8WEEKS. No matter the occasion, I get huge amounts of joy helping people to give gifts to the people (oh and one dog last February) in their lives.

We have been so blessed this year, since the re-branding, to continue to work with clients that have been with us for years & years as Personalized Creations & then also welcome so many new people who only refer to us as I am truly grateful you to all. Thank you for sticking by us during a time that could have been rough but instead was a pure joy.

The only people that have had a bit tough was some of our suppliers, especially our poor couriers. When they would arrive to pick up product for us, they didn’t know who they were picking up and delivering for. It took some time but think it is all fine …almost all fine… now. 🙂

We have even more changes coming in the next few months that I am very excited and looking forward to sharing with you soon.

Here’s to year one (and year 26) down and here’s to another 26 at least.

Thank you again,

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