15 Admin Professional Gift Ideas

Never_wrongCan you believe ‘National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day’ was created back in the early 50’s. Harry Klemfuss recognized the importance and value of  this position to each company or business and he had a goal to encourage more women to become secretaries. Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the values and importance of the job of secretaries. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of secretaries. It clearly wasn’t a hard sell because every single business or operation with an admin or professional or exec assistant nowadays, couldn’t continue without them. Their value and contribution is second to none.

The name of this special day has changed and evolved over the past few decades. But, the importance of recognizing these vital individuals is unchanged.  The new terms in use today are: “Administrative Professionals” and “Executive Admins”. The two names sometimes mean different roles and responsibilities in different companies and organizations. Both are broader terms, that encompass more positions than the original “Secretary” role.

The name change recognizes and acknowledges that the role has changed significantly since 1952, and in Harry Klemfuss’ day, these positions were the realm of women. Today, you find many men in these positions as well.

To help bosses along several administrative assistants were contacted who were more than willing to give us some suggestions for bosses to show their appreciation during Administrative Professionals Week.

Each business relationship is different so you may want to talk to your assistant first, but here are some of the ideas that these administrative professionals contacted came up with:

1)  Offer a gift card to their favourite lunch spot, then write on the back of the card… ‘take the rest of the DAY OFF!!!’

2) Take her/him out for a nice, long lunch at a local fine restaurant… some place special where they wouldn’t normally go

3) Give them the morning off and a gift card to a local spa.

4) Give a gift card/certificate for a dinner for two or an evening at a hotel or resort.

5) Arrange for the afternoon off to go shopping and throw in a little spending money. (Pacific Center, Metrotown, Richmond Center and other major malls have generic gift cards to be used anywhere in the mall)

6) Provide a long distance calling card, if they live far from their family or have a child (or children) going to school away from home.

7) Arrange for a housekeeper for the day.

8) If they have been complaining about car troubles, book and pay to have the car tuned up and spring cleaned or even wash and waxed.

9) Present a plaque for her/his years of valued work to have in a prominent spot in the office.

10) Provide a family pass to the movies and gift card of popcorn and drinks.

11) Arrange to have her/his carpets cleaned or yard prepared for the coming season.

12) Arrange for groceries to be paid for and delivered or a gourmet meal service.

13) Find out who her/his favorite author is and buy their latest book.

14) Outsource some of his/her work to an off-site administrative professional, such as a virtual assistant for the week.

15) Give a nice gift basket…. what who put that in there. Always the perfect solution for any gift giving occasion

Don’t Forget…

-that the best gift shows your thoughtfulness and expresses your knowledge of the recipient’s likes and preferences.

-of course Administrative Professionals Day or Week isn’t the only time of year you should show your appreciation to the administrative professionals in your life. Ensure that you make them feel valued throughout the year.

-and don’t delegate this. It takes no time whatsoever to acknowledge these hard working indispensable people in your business or organization and we have been told that recognition and acknowledgement means so much more coming from your direct manager or boss. So take the time this week to say THANK YOU !!

Give til its hurts,

Carole Mac

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